Callaloo Grocery

  • Do my points expire?

    Your points to do not expire.
  • How do I add a new product to an upcoming Subscribe & Save delivery?

    Simply log into your account here: Manage Subscriptions and scroll to the bottom of the page with your subscriptions. Click Add a product. You can either search for a product by name or select the item you'd like to add.  Once on the product page, you can adju...
  • How do I cancel an item in my Subscribe & Save order?

    Simply log into your customer account here: Manage Subscriptions and locate the item you'd like to cancel, click "Cancel". Next select a reason for cancelling the item.  Click "Cancel my subscription".  The item will now appear as cancelled under your Subscrip...
  • How do I change the quantity on an upcoming Subscribe & Save delivery?

    Simply log into your customer account here: on "Manage Subscriptions" , then click "Subscriptions".  Locate the item you would like to either add or subtract the quantity. Click Edit and then click Change Product Quantity.  Adjust the quantity to the amount yo...
  • How do I skip a delivery with Subscribe & Save?

    Yes, you can skip a delivery for any item in your order.  Simply log into your customer account here: Manage Subscriptions, then click Delivery Schedule.  Click on Skip next to item you would like to skip. Once saved Skipped will be noted by the product.
  • How often will I be charged with Subscribe & Save?

    You will be charged on the day that you place your order.  You will then be charged on the same date each month for subsequent orders.  For example if your first order was placed 4th August, your next charge will be 4th September.
  • How often will I receive my items with Subscribe & Save

    Your first order will be shipped 1-2 days after purchase.  Following orders will be shipped 2-3 days after your next charge.
  • I added and/or removed items from my upcoming Subscribe & Save delivery. Will my shipping charge change?

    Yes, shipping charges will are calculated based on the items in your delivery. Depending on the weight of the items in your order, your shipping charge may increase if items are added, and decrease if items are removed.
  • I cancelled an item by mistake or I'd like to re-activate my Subscribe & Save delivery. How do I do that?

    You can re-activate a cancelled subscription by simply logging into your account here: Manage Subscriptions and locate the item that you would like to re-activate. Click Re-activate.Your item is now active and will show the next scheduled charge date.
  • What is Subscribe & Save on individual items in the Callaloo Grocery?

    Subscribe & Save is an automatic grocery delivery service for eligible items in the Callaloo Grocery. You save 15% each month on these items. Benefits of Subscribe & Save: Never run out of your essential Caribbean pantry items Save time & money on what you purchase most frequently Co...
  • What is the Callaloo Grocery?

    Callaloo Grocery is an online grocery providing essential Caribbean condiments, seasonings, spices, drinks & snacks. Shop individual items in our grocery to suit your needs! Your one-stop-shop for all your Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean grocery pantry items. Enjoy the accessibility and c...